Simple Techniques for a Stretching and Meditation Routine

Relax your mind picture

In this article we explore simple techniques for starting a stretching and meditation routine. I have written and developed it to get you started with a simple routine to boost your mood and thought process in the morning. You can utilize this any time of day, but doing this in the morning will allow for increased productivity and clear thinking throughout the day. Stretching paired with meditation is good for the body, mind and spirit. 

Pick a time of day that works best. 

~ Even if there are distractions, know that this is your mental health time, it is a priority in the midst of chaos. 

~Consider doing this first thing in the morning, after drinking water, to allow your body to hydrate and get moving. 

Consider your surroundings. 

~Find peace in your space

~Look for joy in objects around you or even outside past the window

~Use the outdoors for this if you are able

Get comfortable. ~Wear comfortable clothes, this doesn’t need to be workout wear, just whatever you like and find joy in. 

~Grab a hot drink, or lemon water to casually sip as you perform your routine. 

Begin by getting your mind right (Standing position)

~Deep breathing, for 5 to 10 seconds and then just enjoy peace.

~Begin a simple prayer or meditation taking you into a state of peace and acceptance of the world, clearing your headspace completely. 

~Speak kind and positive things about yourself, out loud or in your head

~Lift those up around you who may need some prayer or just positive thoughts

~Determine what the purpose of today will be for you and then just let it go.

   Start with standing positions

~Have a wide stance and loosen up your arms and shoulder in slow circular motions

~Take your shoulders through comfortable range of motion, do what feels good to you, do not push through pain
~Perform some core and trunk bending side to side and rotating, don’t push or go far just enough to begin to loosen these muscles

~ Forward bend, keeping your back flat and tight, engage your core and allow the position to relieve stress and hold as long as you are comfortable, no longer than 20 to 30 seconds, do not push down to ground, use a chair seat or back to support your arms during this.

Be finished! Start afresh and know you did something positive for your body!!

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