Introduction to Feather Project for Holistic Health and Wellness

Hello Friends!! I am so excited to bring you my first blog post! I absolutely love doing this and sharing my love of travel and holistic wellness with you. I hope that you enjoy and get so much out of my content. I would be ecstatic to be contacted with comments and others sharing their health journey with me.

But first, just a little bit about myself, and how my blog has came to be.

 I was raised in Cincinnati OH, making me a Cincy girl through and through. I was adopted, and enjoyed many different aspects of my upbringing, being involved at school and extensive travel and camping throughout the US, piquing my interest in world travel. I went to college and spent 15 years in the field of Physical Therapy doing skilled and outpatient care but mainly focus on preventative care and maintenance for my clients. 

I want to bring attention to self care and preventative approaches to staying healthy to my niche of clients who are moms and tend to be the most susceptible to neglecting their own bodies and mental health for a variety of reasons. Some are too  busy, some just feel the kids are more important and focus on them, and some are focused on career choices and there just aren’t free or economical resources to help them in their search. 

This is where I come in! I love sharing new information and experiences and have made it my personal goal to pursue new and exciting aspects of holistic health and to bring some extraordinary content to you and your families. I suspect that every day will be different on this new journey and I am going to share all the good, bad, and ugly with you. This has been a few years in the making for me but each new small progress brings a new joy and excitement for me, and I hope it will for you too. Make sure to head to my Facebook group- to join the community of others who are also on this journey and learn more! Thank you for being here friend.

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