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  1. Are you able to give a brief intro and describe your experience and background? 

I’m Yazeth, the Owner and Founder of The Y & W Laboratory, LLC. We are a small business offering organic skincare essentials for the entire family that are gentle, safe, and effective. All products are handcrafted in small batches, non-toxic, and cruelty-free certified. I’m a former Clinical Microbiologist and current Adjunct Professor at a local college. I’m married with two young children and our products were initially developed for them. 

During the research and development process, I also completed additional training in natural skincare, aromatherapy, and herbal studies. When all was said and done, we had a handful of products that worked wonders on our sensitive skin. Over the next two years, we gradually developed a small customer following and decided to officially launch our brand this past October in hopes of helping more people make the switch to clean skincare. 

  1. What makes you so passionate about this type of work? 

I’m passionate about using a natural approach whenever possible and about educating others when it comes to reading labels and learning about plant-based alternatives. We also strongly believe in full ingredient transparency. As a result, you’ll see everything we use clearly listed on our labels and website. 

  1. Which product did you pick to highlight today and why do you like this particular product? We use all of our products regularly, but the ones I use on a daily basis are the Lip & Body Balm and Flawless Face Serum. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite out of those two since they work so well together, so I’ll give a brief overview of both:

The Lip & Body Balm was our first product. This was developed back in 2017 for the kids. We had a preemie with dry skin patches plus a 1 year old with very chapped lips. I did not feel comfortable using standard lip balms full of preservatives on such delicate skin and wanted something pure enough to eat, just in case it was accidentally ingested. 

The final product was a 100% organic and completely non-toxic lip and body balm, free of fillers and preservatives. It’s a unisex balm with a non-oily finish. It soothes cracked lips within minutes, minimizes fine lines, and moisturizes dry skin patches. 

The Flawless Face Serum is my other daily go-to product. I have combination skin and suffer from occasional acne flareups that tend to leave areas of hyperpigmentation. Being in my 30s, fine lines are also starting to appear. The ingredients in this serum work together to help firm and moisturize, reduce redness, smooth fine lines, and minimize scar appearance. It is a deeply nourishing serum that absorbs quickly, works well for all skin types, and goes great under makeup! 

You can see before/after photos and review ingredients for both products on our website at

  1. How do your products relate to holistic health? Our products focus on overall wellbeing by incorporating powerful botanicals that work together to achieve healthy skin for everyone — all ages and skin types. We understand that toxic ingredients found in many skincare products can jeopardize our health, which is why we are committed to clean skincare. We are excited to be able to help others who are looking to simplify their skincare routine and make the switch to using toxin-free products.
  1. If there were three top pieces of advice for my readers, what would they be? 1.Read and understand your product labels! 2.Familiarize yourself with potential carcinogens and endocrine disruptors found in skincare products. Although the effects of these ingredients will not be immediately evident, cumulative exposure can result in health problems. 3. Find safer alternatives. You can’t always avoid ALL toxins, but you can at least try to implement small changes to reduce your exposure. Focus on your go-to products first, read their labels, and see if there are cleaner alternatives. Little by little, you can reduce the amount of toxic ingredients without compromising effectiveness. 
  1. How can my readers find you? Are you able to link your contact info, handles, and links? We are active across various social media platforms but focus on Instagram and Facebook to reach our audience. Please follow us for promotions, giveaways, wellness tips, and product updates! 





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  1. Do you have any other advice or information to share today? 

I would like to share a resource that can help you get started when it comes to reading labels for beauty and skincare products. It’s not a comprehensive database for specific brands, but a good place to look for more information on individual ingredients and potential health effects, if any:

While this first step might seem intimidating, everyone should start learning more about the products they use. The more you familiarize yourself, the easier the research will be over time as it becomes second nature.

This interview was courtesy of the Owner of The Y & W Laboratory, LLC . I want to extend my sincere thanks to Yazeth for this interview and I am excited to try and learn more about this product!