By the Sea Salt Therapy Interview

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Hello Friends! I have a new interview for you this week. By the Sea Salt Therapy. Karen Plageman Scherer is the owner of this new business . By the Sea Salt Therapy.

BIO: I am a mother of 2 grown adult children. I volunteer for the Pink Ribbon Girls and I am currently working on becoming a certified Hypnotherapist.

1. What makes you so passionate about this work through your Facebook and Website page? My husband was in a serious car accident when he was 18. Since that time he is more susceptible to pneumonia and has asthma attacks. We discovered halotherapy and did research on the effects of dry salt therapy. Every time he tried it he felt relief and could breathe easier. We decided to open a salt room with a beach theme to help others and for our love of the beach!

2. If you had three top pieces of advice for my readers what would they be? It is recommended that a person visit a salt room 2-3 times per week for optimum results

3.How does this practice relate to holistic health?Halotherapy is a holistic, natural therapy that uses micro particles of salt to promote better breathing, healthier, sounder sleep, and overall wellness.

4. Is there anything else you would like to add? You can contact me here: the Sea Salt